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We are REBEL

We are a network of creators, scholars, entrepreneurs and game lovers!

Board of directors

Ernane Guimarães Neto, president

Writer, collector of games, toys and dictionaries. Phd student in human sciences, rights and other legitamacies at USP – Universidade de São Paulo (University of Sao Paulo) – alegoriadigital.wordpress.com

Mário Madureira Fontes, vice-president

Computer Science and Digital Games teacher. Presently, he represents the REBEL in Europe while studying postdoctoral in Portugal – http://www.mario.pro.br/

Ana Paula Albuquerque Teixeira, tesoureira

Lawyer, barista and bartender, she now studies Technology in Digital Games at FATEC-SP in Carapicuiba (University of Technology in Carapicuiba).

Flavia Guimarães, secretária

Biologist, inventor and an animal cause activist. Developer of the Organic trademark:The Eco Friendly Pan and the Sparkling Dog Collar – https://cintilantepet.com/

Alguns dos associados REBEL

Our associated members are lovers of knowledge as well as of the ludic! To join us, rebel ourself.

Carlos Costa

Journalist and professor, he directed the Faculdade Cásper Líbero ( the Casper Libero University).

Carlos Seabra

Editor and creator of games – Página oficial: http://seabra.com/perfil/

Fernando Tsukumo

Buda is a playful educator: http://www.suavez.org/

José Geraldo Oliveira

Zé Gera is a communicator and a professor at UNIP. https://www.facebook.com/pg/gera.comm

Patrícia Assuf Nechar

Patricia is a communicator, a Ph.d. student in PUC_SP, and a specialist in the Plus Size Movement.

Sergio Halaban

Creator of Tabletop games, and author of Matryoshka and Sheriff of Nottingham among others: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamedesigner/3005/sergio-halaban

Wellington Nogueira

Actor and social entrepreneur. Also, founder of Doctors of Joy:: https://doutoresdaalegria.org.br