FAEL (Academic Forum for Ludic Studies) is an annual event that gathers researchers, students and professionals for interdisciplinary activities such as workshops, talks and roundtables.

Call for papers – VII FAEL

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Call for texts and vídeos for the technical sections of VII Fórum Acadêmico de Estudos Lúdicos (Academic Forum for Ludic Studies)

This call describes the conditions to submit papers for the VII Fórum Acadêmico de Estudos Lúdicos (FAEL), hosted by the Brazilian Network for Ludic Studies) and partner institutions.

As a non-profit association focused on the ludic production and knowledge, REBEL hosts FAEL aiming to disseminate good practice in terms of creation and use of games and humor in education. The technical sections of FAEL are a space for free submission of papers and case report on games, toys, comic books, humor, ludic education and gamification, among other themes concerned to ludic studies. The submitted essays in the technical sections of FAEL are automatically nominated for publication at the Academic Journal of Ludic Studies.

The selection of papers for being published by REVEL, though, depends on the criteria of the journal editors. The technical section selected papers and essays are to be presented, virtually, to the audience in November 2020.

The submitted and approved papers and essays that somehow may not be presented will not earn the certificate of participation.

1 Application modalities

1.1 Full paper

Essay that presents mature research, already concluded or to be concluded soon. The participation of at least a Master or a PhD is a must and it is tied to an academic research by means of a project or research group. There is a minimum of seven (7) pages and a maximum of ten (10) pages, excepting bibliographic references and appendix. The text must have the following sections (or their equivalents): Title, authors, abstract, keywords, introduction, methods, results, discussion, acknowledges, references and supplementary materials.

1.2 Expanded abstract

Short paper that shows a meaningful contribution to a current research (or even a concluded one, as long as it can be shortly reported). It can be presented by researchers from undergraduate and graduate researchers. There is a minimum of four (4) pages and a maximum of six (6) pages, excepting references and appendixes. The text must contain the following sections (or analogous): abstract, introduction, methods, results (expected or obtained), discussion and references.

1.3 Development report

Short paper that communicates one or more aspects of the game production and others related, including reports of rules creation techniques, sound, plot, design and animation. There is a minimum of four (4) pages and a maximum of six (6) pages, excepting bibliographic references and appendixes. To help writing development report the researcher can check a guide at “Guia para redação do relato de desenvolvimento”, at

The text must contain the following sections (or analogous): abstract, introduction (presentation of the game and its concept), methods (where is presented the development and techniques model and instruments), results (current state or expected objective of development), final considerations and references.

1.4 Formatting of papers and essay

The paper must be sent in the format “doc”, “docx” or “odt”, within a maximum of 10 MB.

A paper can have at most 5 authors. The body of the text to be sent must contain the name(s) of the author(s), with email addresses and the institution.

The main format of the paper must be the following: Arial font 12, line spacing 1,5, top and left margin of 3 cm, and bottom and right margin of 2cm, with progressive numbering of the sections (1., 1.1, 2., etc.).

The papers must be submitted only by the FAEL 7 submission system.

All submissions must be originals, which means, first-of-its-kind, unpublished, not previously presented in any sort of event. Any work being previously published or being simultaneously presented in events or journals can be reject by FAEL organization.

The author, responsible for the submission, ensures the paper is not included in any illegality.

2. Video presentation

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many events, as well as FAEL, are now being adapted for on-line version, so that we avoid crowds and contagion by the disease. Thus, the oral presentation of the work submitted to FAEL is to be replaced, in 2020, by virtual presentation.

By standard, FAEL presentation is to be completed by sending the work and a video about it. The videos shall be included in the technical collection of VII FAEL since the paper or essay is approved. They will be available in the official Youtube channel of REBEL and other VII FAEL official channels.

It is left to the discretion of FAEL organization, the discussion and question sessions that may happen or not, being the author(s) here invited for non-mandatory synchronous sessions. Will be considered “presented” and therefore valid to obtain the participation certificate the works approved as well displayed in video format. Exceptions to the video formatting may be negotiated with FAEL organization, and the final decision will be issued by the commission on a case by case basis.

2.1 Formatting of the video presentation

The video can be delivered in the paper submission phase or at the paper final version delivery, after critics review.

Submissions of papers without its video will not be considered completed, so, not eligible for the draw in the “coruja madrugadeira” category.

Videos that are included in the submission phase can be replaced by revised version after critical review.

The video must have digital standard format (.MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI) and minimum duration of 10 and maximum duration of 15 minutes.

The video opening seconds must have the text “VII Forum Academico de Estudos Lúdicos” and the title of the paper and also author(s) name(s).

The recording technique may be professional or amateur. The text may be written by software edition or hand made. The video may have the author(s) reading parts of the text. Videos that have images of the work or a presentation with audio are preferred.

The audio must be loud and clear. Videos that could not be understood will be disqualified.

For improvement of the understandability, captions may be included.

Closed Captions and LIBRAS translation are not mandatory, but works with these features will be preferred for promoting.

The organization strongly recommends avoid using sound tracks and illustrations that are not clear for use (creative commons). Copyright on music utilization or other intellectual assets must be collected by the authors if that’s the case.

3. Subscriptions

The work submission must be made by one of the authors, exclusively by FAEL submission system, using the submission form and attached files (cloud is preferred) and it must include:

Title of the project





Text file (send the sharing link)

Video file, if it’s the case

Assignment of right o use image of all the authors

Picture of the author(s) for promoting in different media, including social media (optional)

The complete submissions (paper and video) done up to August 24th of 2020 will be included on the “coruja madrugadeira” (early bird) category and will be eligible for the drawing of a gift offered by REBEL and it’s partners. At least three REBEL bundles, with shirt, annual subscription and a surprise.


The organization committee is responsible for doubts and problems resolutions of people and works for FAEL. In case of dates changes or addresses, these changes will be communicated on the e-mail used in the subscription form. Questions regarding categories and the reviews of the works will be up to the scholar committee. Questions regarding timelines and logistics are responsibility of the organization committee. The coordinators are the last appeal resource on doubts clarifications regarding the technical sessions and FAEL.

Key dates for technical sessions

July 29th Subscriptions opening for technical sessions.

August 24th last day for early bird subscription for the technical sessions (“coruja madrugadeira” category, eligible for the drawing of gifts)

September 7th Last date for paper and video submissions for technical sessions

September 28th Return for the author(s) for due corrections.

October 5th Subscription opening for the general public

October 19th Delivering of the final version of the paper and video revised, if the case

November 22nd General public subscription closing

November 23rd VII FAEL – Main debates and other events

Sao Paulo, 27 of july of 2020.

Ernane Guimarães Neto

For VII FAEL General Organization Committee


The 1st FAEL took place in 2014 at FMU; the 2nd edition happened at FATEC, Americana/SP. The 3rd edition, already under the coordination of REBEL, was held at FATEC Tatuí/SP.  The 4th FAEL took place in São Paulo, at Faculdade Cásper Líbero (2017).

V FAEL: Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (2018)

VI FAEL: Universidade de São Paulo (2019)

(for a comprehensive history of FAEL, in Portuguese:

Non-Portuguese papers


María Martha Fernández Ricci, Marcelo Henrique dos Santos

The 5th Academic Forum for Ludic Studies was on  October 18, 19 and 20th, 2018.